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Year 10... Can you believe it!
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Girl, Just Pick Up The Next One

04-18-2014 Blog

Her name was Angie, and she made more of an impact on my life than she knew, and thanks to cancer, will never know.  I did share with her several...

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Training FUNdraising

04-17-2014 Blog

This is my second year with Ride2Survive; I made the decision to sign up again because of two reasons. I love my Ride2Survive extended family. The team is amazing and whenever...

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A Victim of Nothing

04-12-2014 Blog

For most of my childhood I was often introduced as "one of Walter Browns' daughters". Everyone seems to know my Dad. He talks to everyone, and I do mean everyone....

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Dedicated to Roger Funk - March 16th Tra…

04-09-2014 Blog

March 16, 2014   When I was just about to start grade 3 my Dad moved our family from Alberta to Saskatchewan. I wasn't happy about it at all! We moved to...

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2 Maybe 3...

04-06-2014 Blog

I knew late in the week I'd be riding 0 Ave. loops. For those that don't what 0 Ave.  is or what that looks like it is a 15ish km...

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fcancer Bracelet Fundraiser

04-01-2014 Blog

fcancer Bracelet Fundraiser

Join me in the Fight against Cancer! Make a Statement! These fabulous Bracelets say it all.  They come in 4 sizes in either Sterling Silver or Copper. As part of the Ambassador program,...

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Bonnie's Ride2Survive

03-06-2014 Blog

Here it is March and I am training to survive the Ride2Survive. For all those with Cancer and all the supporting friends and family. My heart goes out to you....

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02-24-2014 Blog

Hi, and thanks for coming to my blog for the Ride2Survive 2014!  This is a big commitment from me this year, both physically and emotionally, so thank you for taking...

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Video Highlights - 2014 Ride2Surive Meat…

02-22-2014 Blog

The 3rd annual Ride2Surive charity Cook Off took place on February 16, 2014 at Jimmy's Taphouse in downtown Vancouver. This year's special entree was Meatball's and featured unique recipes from...

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Latest Comments

  • 2 Maybe 3...

    • Paul Janzen 04-07-2014
      What a true friend you are to share your memories of Rick. That's just one of the beauties of R2S ...
    • Dave Clark 04-06-2014
      It is Truly SCARY that I love how your brain works. I am not alone.
  • Bridges Brunch Ticket orders

    • Robert Kelly 04-11-2014
      I have 2 oil change pkgs. donated by Fountain tire in Surrey .Should I bring them for auction?
  • First Training Ride draws over 50!

    • Allison Gavin 02-17-2014
      What a great day 1 ride. Emotions all over the place and I am happy to be the example on the minor ...
  • mud-flaps

    • maria DAHL 03-04-2014
      do you have any extra's I would like to buy a set please let me know maria1dahl@hotmail.com :-)

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