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06-30-2015 Blog

For those Riders who got a pendant at the banquet and didn't pay please send me an e-mail at jakoomen@telus.net or a cheque to Jacob Koomen 2930 Apple Drive Campbell River BC...

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Reaching out to those who do not underst…

06-29-2015 Blog

A day after the ride I posted some words on Facebook.This was directed at those 'friends' who did not yet seem to appreciate the force that is R2S that I...

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Hope & Teamwork - R2S 2015

06-29-2015 Blog

Hello - I have had a week to reflect on my first ride and wanted to share my thoughts - so happy to have this method of staying connected with...

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‘Me’ to ‘We’ - the meaning of community

06-26-2015 Blog

My second Ride2Survive is completed and this time I manage to learn the meaning of a new word - community. I  have heard many times that there is no ‘I'...

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Thoughts From a First Time R2S Rider (no…

06-26-2015 Blog

I experienced an "uh huh" moment on one of the first ride by's (a family with two young children and their mother battling cancer).  This is why I am doing...

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Ride Odyssey

06-26-2015 Blog

As Soon as Tony started saying "Sag Control to Sag 1" and such on the radio, I couldn't get "Space Oddity" (Or Major Tom as some of you know it)...

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My favorite R2S things.

06-25-2015 Blog

In April I was in Salzburg Austria. That’s where they filmed “TheSound of Music”, a film universally loved by ladies and occasionally tolerated by men. I’m more of a “Dumb and Dumber kind of guy. That had music too. A fabulous rendition of “Mockingbird” (popularized by James Taylor) as I recall.  Anyway “TSOM” had a very popular ditty entitled “These are a few of my favourite things” or some such nonsense. So without benefit of Julie Andrew’s voice, or lyrics, or a beat, or rhyming or anything remotely resembling rhythm, here are …. A few of "My favourite R2S things": ● Chad’s socks. ● Siobhan’s oration about the woes of the Wahoo. ● Nicky’s Irish humour. ● The Holiday Inn bus and its restorative powers between Hope and Aggasiz. ● Kerry’s bunny. ● Ice cold coconut water. ● Ride by’s. Every single one of them. ● The welcome in from the crew on Coldwater Road. ● Hearing what it was like for R2Conquer riders to receive our public adulation last June. ● Al shouting he needs a new ass. ● June shouting anything. ● Emilio shouting "you still here Paully" during an uncharacteristic quite time from me. ● Vicki explaining to pulled over motorists that we started @ 3:30 in Kelowna raising funds for cancer research. ● The change in the demeanor of pulled over motorists when they learn that. ● Our couples.  As solid in their commitment to R2S as they are to each other. ● Our ladies. They are all beautiful. What a sordid testosterone fest it would be without them. ● The out of towners. Sure wish we could bond with them before ride day. Superb humans. ● My buddy Greg of Sasquatch Lions arranging for a great rest stop in Deroche as his way of thanking us. ● The porta potties. ● The golden mile. ● The incredible privilege, as a survivor, to be one of the first few riders to cross the finish. ● The ability, as one of those first few riders, to walk a few paces through the bushes and join the crowd in saluting the rest of the riders. Note - This was the first year of four that it occurred to me to do so. I am not the truest spoke in the wheel. ● Every second of every minute of every hour that I spend with anyone involved in R2S. ● My daughter holding up a toilet paper sign just this side of Deroche hill (You made my ride baby).   Toilet Paper Paul

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First Year R2S

06-25-2015 Blog

Hi everyone This was my first year to ride and it will go down in my memory book as the most inspirational adventure of my life.  I have tried a few times...

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The View from the Back

06-24-2015 Blog

This was my 5th year on the SAG crew, and I was thinking back to my first year on SAG; Kelsy and I were SAG and another truck was Mechanical.  I...

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Latest Comments

  • Hope & Teamwork - R2S 2015

    • Keray Robirtis 06-29-2015
      It was great riding with you Candace. It was also very special to meet your Dad Gary... Keray & Dawn
  • Pendants

    • Amanda 06-30-2015
      Is it too late to order two? I could pop a cheque in post later today. Amanda
  • The R2S Pendant.

    • Jacob Koomen 06-30-2015
      For those riders who bought a pendant at the banquet and didn't pay please send me an e-mail at ...
  • The hardest thing I have ever done

    • Nicholas Kearns 06-26-2015
      Thank you for the Power Ranger. He gave me strength I did not know I had. Thank you Steve for sharing ...
  • To the R2S women

    • Nicholas Kearns 06-26-2015
      You guys inspire us! That was quite the pace in from Deroche
  • Why you need to join the R2S Family

    • Keray Robirtis 06-26-2015
      Thanks Nicky, it was great riding with you too.
  • ‘Me’ to ‘We’ - the meaning of community

    • Keray Robirtis 06-29-2015
      That's awesome Nicky, thanks for sharing. Keray
    • Patrick Hawkins 06-28-2015
      YNWA Nicki.

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