"How was your day?" As always, it was busy, it was emotional and exhausting physically and mentally, and I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

For you "Numbers People". Here's some statistics from the 2019 ride:

Total riders entering SAG or Mechanical = 118
Busiest Legs Coldwater Road and Larson Hill/Britton Creek = 23 and 22 respectively
Least busy Leg = Woodside Hill to Mission = ZERO!!!

Most SAG Vehicles in the Package at one leg = 10
SAG 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Mech 1, 2, Relay 4, Photo 1 (deputised to SAG) and SAG Control.

Those 118 rider pick ups are not failures.  Jenni said something a few years ago that really stuck with me; "I would rather ride at 100% for 7 legs than 70% for 10...my role here is to raise the average in the group; not to be an example of average".  Since she said that to me, I have witnessed more and more of our Ride Captains and riders shift from being a strong rider who leaves so much on the road that they are down to that 70% by the time we pass Mission, to being at 100% past Mission because they sat out two or three difficult legs earlier in the day.  They raise the average of the group.  There's a strong life lesson there.

My Most Touching moment over 11 years - Graham Street and Vicki Oates with her band creating "SAG Control to Peloton" to David Bowie's "Major Tom" and then Gladys putting photos to it.

Best family moment - Spending the day of this last ride "with" my family, thank you Gladys, Andrew & Geoffrey, and to Karyn and Jannie who kept an eye on them and suffered with my children's senses of humour...at least you know where they got it.  (I get bonus marks for work an Oxford Comma into a sentence with Karyn's name in it)

My signature line, "I'm sorry, and I accept your apology"

My signature look, the Tilley...although The Pikachu hat a the colder rest stops was accused of being bananas...That may have just been Rich and Michael Meade though.

So, for Kerry O who has been in SAG Control with me every year it has existed except this one, and Gwen & Karen who filled her seat this year so admirably, it was an honour.

Tony Nathan - SAG Control 
10-92 End of Watch


Hello Ride2Survive Family

We have a few items left over from the Vancouver Ride2Survive Pub Night that need to go this week. To that end we have reduced the opening bid price and will be closing the auction on Wednesday night.

if these items are not sold, then that's a little less money to cancer research and we will have to take to charity shop :-(

So share this link on your social media, email etc, get bidding yourself and let's get some more money to fight cancer!!

Thanks, Amanda and Nicky



Here are the winners folks... thank you for all your support of this great little bike ride!

  1. Ticket 4253 - Paul Beaumont – Honda Civic from Surrey Honda
  2. Ticket 0680 - Nick Knapman  – Two tickets from Air Canada
  3. Ticket 6180 - Daniel Bustin  – $1000 gift certificate from Scan Design Furniture

Thanks especially to all our prize providers!  These prizes were all given to Ride2Survive at NO COST so every raffle ticket dollar goes to cancer research!

Total tickets sold for the 2019 raffle was over $130,000!!!

Nasir Kamrudin - Surrey Honda
Michel Chiasson - Air Canada
Keld Jensen - ScanDesigns Quality Home Furnishings


All the photos, video's and more are being posted  Face book, so don't miss out.  If all you do is open a Face book account and join the Ride2survive you won't miss a thing.  (otherwise, we can't get them all to you)


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