Get your r2s clothing now. The deadline to order your R2S gear will be April 10. We carry no stock so we'll only be filling what is ordered. 

We are loving the new Technical T-shirt (for all your other outdoor activities, or in the gym) and the new Peak 2 jacket.  

We buy our kit from a Canadian Company. Shout out to Louis Garneau for the outstanding products and customer service.


Team progress with Ride #3 in the books.

80km ride to  Delta, S. Delta and Tsawwassen (adding in more climbing)

75 riders + 2 SAG support vehicles
1 front flat
Amazing with 80k x 75 riders = 6,000 kms and only 1 flat.  
Thanks to Rich for the ride route and our EMT and ride captains each week who step up to help.
SAG support team was Julio, June, Cheryl (from Penticton) and Vicki.  
We have been adding km’s onto to the first ride each week, with this ride being training ride #3.   It’s a  chance for the team to see the progress not only in miles, longer time in the saddle each week, fitness and bike skill as we repeat the Lyon Road climb in Delta at the end of each ride.  
Donations $175,480, with $824,520 to go.  
Reminder to All Crew and riders...we need everyone to be on board in the fundraising with their own donation pages.  It’s a team that makes the difference together. 
If you need help setting up your fundraising donation page, email  Kerry for help.
To help with crew and rider fundraising, we have raffle tickets you can sell.  Email tickets@ride2survive to get yours.  

Next training ride is April 6 with a mandatory rider meeting prior.



Good Day All,

As a part time bike mechanic at Caps, I would be happy to put on some workshops for those riders who would like some tips on changing tires while on the road, adjusting brakes and derailleurs, fenders ($%**&^!), etc. What we would get into would not require specialized tools, only a small multi-tool, tire levers, small air pump or C02 cartridges, etc.

I think the best opportunity would be at Caps after a ride. I can set up a bike stand out behind the shop.

If anyone is interested you can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..