Eating and Energy are one of the big things you need to get solved whilst doing your training rides, if you leave it till ride day you will be in trouble! Here is a great article about what and why and how much you should be eating!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any hints and tips from a 7 times rider!

See you all soon



we have numerous angels in our family tree.  Each went through their cancer ordeal with great courage. 

We remember those that have left us and those that are living with cancer today.  Don Bruce our son’s father in law has just finished treatment on his spine. The third type of cancer in the last 15 years.  At 76 he is a hero.

My aunt Eleanor Dugaro at 73 has survived breast cancer twice in the last 12 years.

We say a prayer every day that our children and grand children will not experience this disease.

Thank you for all that you do !

Tom and Lorraine Bascombe


Update on our first training ride for the 2019 season for March 3

Penticton team did a 2hr 45 min indoor spin on Saturday. 

Many other out of towners did the same mileage either on their indoor trainers or on the road. 

Our SAG team Simon, Gwen, Laura and Vicki. 

Get your Clothing orders in by March 31.  (Crew can order clothing too)  The New Peak 2 Jacket is amazing for all outdoor activities, as is the Technical t-shirt too.  Both with a new design.

Join our Facebook Page.  Lots of FB posts to see

Raffle ticket -  3500 tickets left, 1/2 are out being sold already. Crew, you can get your raffle tickets to help reach your $500 min too. 

77 riders on the first ride - 47km

-3 at the start of meeting at 8am with a cold arctic wind
+5 in the sun by the end. 
Wind on the ride … of course.

this ride was a first for many different things...   Never under-estimate that or forget the firsts...

First time riding in a big group 

First time as SAG support crew

First time in R2S style formation riding

First time riding in Delta

First time on the bike…since they were a kid…or in weeks, or months, or since the last time they rode R2S.

First time having Samosa’s at 11:00 on a bike ride

First time no flats on the first ride or any major mechanicals

First time meeting the team.

Did you know one of our rides came all the way from Kamloops, (3hr road trip) for the ride and meeting, another came from Saturna Island. 

Mark your calendars - Next mandatory rider meeting and ride is April 6

Next training ride is March 17.  Vicki out


It was a cloudy day, the rain was just about to start. I was just watching nature.It was a cloudy day, the rain was just about to start. I was just watching nature.Soon the rain started. I saw droplets coming, but those drops were so tiny, it was even hard to see them on the ground. But as time passed I saw small droplets becoming big droplets, and then the big droplets becoming puddles, and then I saw those big puddles take the shape of streams, then other streams appeared and they all poured along in the same direction. I saw that, even as the rain stopped, there were still more streams going in the same direction , all getting together to become rivers, able to cross any hurdlesThen I imagined how these small rivers are going to become raging torrents I can see in them the power, the determination, to go towards a common goal. That small drop now never stops, always moving towards a final destination, getting closer and closer. This Power of Unity, the Power of Determination, made them into a big river. I was comparing this with "us", this rain started 14 years ago , small drops united together to become a big stream and then a river and then a torrent. Like those small drops, we know our goal, we are determined,we are a river now and one day we will definitely reach our sea , our goal.