The Rider Guide

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This guide is intended to assist new and returning riders in their understanding of the event, schedule, expectations, ride etiquette, donations and training. If you would like to contribute or have any questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Have you done all these steps?

1. If you haven't already, you need to Sign up for the Ride2Survive (we are currently full, please send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get on our rider wait list) on this site - here you will pay your entry fee and be added to our email lists.

2. Sign up for the Donation site here.   This is where you will collect you donations towards your goal. This is the same Canadian Cancer Society site as last year so you can sign in as a "Returning User" and your information from last year will all be there for your donation site)

3. If you want any R2S clothing, Head to The R2S Kit

4. Get these waivers to us

Download this file (R2S Health History.pdf)R2S Health History.pdf[ ]96 kB

5. Ride2Survive is a   event and our riders must be licensed with Cycling BC

Besides the info in this page, please review these other pages:

The Purpose of the Ride2Survive

We have set a minimum donation level of $2,500. You must realize that the purpose of this event is to help continue the fight against cancer and that fight requires money. A very real illustration of this truth is that if Terry Fox were fighting his battle with cancer today, he would likely survive, directly because of the money he raised that went into research!

  • If your purpose to ride this ride is solely for the personal, physical challenge, then this may not be the right event for you unless you marry the physical challenge with a financial one.
  • Please remember that a ton of time and effort goes into organizing and running this event from some very dedicated and talented people... They are not doing this for you to have a ride, they are doing this for the purpose of enabling the Ride2Survive to take place and what it means to the cause of fighting cancer.

Event Schedule

In generic terms this is the schedule we follow each year:

Thursday 5-7 PM Bike loading at South Shore Cycle
Friday 7-8:00

Bike loading at South Shore Cycle - limited space for bikes, they should be loaded on Thursday if possible

  8:30am Bus Loading at South Shore Cycle and purchase your bag lunch for the trip up at Cactus Club (pre-order)
  8:45am Buses and bikes (bikes at 8am) depart for Kelowna from Caps South Shore Cycle
  2:00pm Arrival in Kelowna - Kelowna Inn and Suites - 1070 Harvey Ave
  4:30pm-6pm Rider and crew meeting - MeKong Restaurant Conference Room in Kelowna
  6:30 PM Supper
  8:30/9PM Time to say good night...
Ride Day - Saturday 2:15 AM Wake up call - Breakfast at ABC Country Restaurant
  3:30 AM Ride departs - no exceptions! (we absolutely will leave you behind if you are not ready)
  9:45 AM Merritt
  3:25 PM Hope
  10:40 PM Delta
  Midnight Sleep!!!